Day Care in Maryland City: How We Introduce Kids To Social Studies | Celebree School

Day care can give kids the chance to explore their understanding of the world. At Celebree School® of Laurel, we offer a colorful, welcoming, and safe environment for children to learn, play, and discover. For parents in Maryland City, it’s a great way to give your child every advantage in learning and in life. 

We don’t just focus on academic success—we also help children make meaningful connections between the things they learn and the world around them. Let’s review one of the ways we do that: introducing kids to social studies.

3 Ways We Introduce Kids To Social Studies

Social studies help students understand the connections between people, their communities, and the world. That understanding starts at a very young age. In fact, around the age of three, children begin to reach developmental milestones for social interaction and peer relationships. We help to foster these connections through day care in Maryland City:

  • Building communication and cooperation. We encourage our preschoolers to interact with each other, to play together, and even to work together. In doing so, we help them to build social skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills while interacting with others in a positive, friendly way.
  • Making connections between people and social structures. We integrate 7 Domains of Learning into our curriculums for each age group. These are further personalized by our experienced preschool teachers. Social studies—teaching kids about social structures and communities—is one of the many important Domains of Learning.
  • Visiting nearby communities. When kids spend time in the outside world, it opens their eyes to new connections and reinforces teachings from preschool. We take our little ones on safe and engaging trips led by our preschool teachers so that they can learn outside the classroom, too!

Visit Our Wonderful Day Care in Maryland City

Preschool-aged children are constantly growing, learning, discovering, and developing. We know how important it is for them to be engaged and excited at this age. By tapping into their natural curiosity, we help children in our day care to make connections to the world, explore their interests, build friendships with peers, and so much more.

We welcome families from across the region to visit, including:

  • Maryland City
  • Laurel
  • Carriage Hill
  • Russett
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Make sure your little one has every advantage they deserve. To learn more about our day care in Maryland City, contact Celebree School of Laurel at (301) 356-9126 today.