Day Care in Lutherville | Celebree School

It’s a different kind of school year but that doesn’t mean your child has to get off track. In fact, at Celebree School® of Lutherville, we’re part of the solution. We help children continue their educational journey without interruption. We do this through our newly designed day care program for school-age children in Lutherville, Timonium and other nearby areas. Our program ensures those virtual learners get the educational support and space they need to thrive, despite these challenging times.

What to Expect with Our School-Age Day Care Program

Celebree School of Lutherville’s day care program for elementary-age children will help your son or daughter meet milestones, make friends and have fun, all while adhering to guidelines from the Maryland State Department of Education. We also offer:

  • Small classes with 14 children and one teacher.
  • A personal locker assigned to your child so they have a private storage space.
  • A work station that gives your son or daughter their own dedicated area to complete work and stay focused. 
  • A personal basket of supplies on their work station filled with pencils, a sharpener, crayons, colored pencils, a ruler, scissors and more.

While we provide many essentials, Celebree School of Lutherville does ask parents to send in their child’s laptop or tablet, along with a charger and earphones. This gives them the ability to quietly and comfortably access their school’s online learning platform. If your son or daughter needs any other specific materials, like a notebook or calculator, we also ask you to send those items in, as well.

Keeping Children Safe in Our Lutherville Day Care

With our new day care program, Celebree School of Lutherville is dedicated to making the school year easier and educational for children across the area. During the day, you can also count on us for a safe, healthy environment. We perform daily temperature checks, promote physical distancing and routine hand washing, and require teachers and staff to wear face coverings. We also regularly wash and sanitize every classroom and high touch surfaces throughout the day.

Our new day car program ensures that together, we’ll make sure your child stays on track, maintains a consistent schedule, and continues to thrive. This new service is offered in:

To find out more or enroll your child in Celebree School of Lutherville’s day care, contact our team at (443) 841-7140 as soon as possible. Space is limited!