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At Celebree School® of Westminster Tech Court, parent communication is central to what we do. It’s how we get to know the ins and outs of your little one’s personality and needs, so we can customize our care and education around them. It’s also how we keep you informed and involved, so you have insight into their progress and ways to support them at home. With our day care programs, open to children in Littlestown and Westminster, we’ll partner with you to help your child thrive!

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

Parenting young children is especially demanding these days. If you’re looking for more than a day care in the Littlestown area, but a partner too, turn to Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court. Our mission is to protect, educate, and nurture each child, so they’re developing in a healthy way. We also keep communication with families front and center, so you’re up-to-date every step of the way. This includes through:

  • Daily Tweets: You’ll know your child’s routine each day, from their meals and naps to lessons and activities. This information will help you make the transition back home easier. 
  • Family Conferences: We’ll also meet throughout the year to discuss your child’s overall growth and development. This includes sharing results from screenings and assessments, samples from their work portfolio, and insights into how they learn. We’ll also address any questions or concerns.
  • Meetings with Teachers: Should a problem arise before a family conference is scheduled, we encourage you to contact our team for a meeting with your child’s teacher. We’ll discuss the situation and ways we can help you navigate through it.

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Littlestown

At Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court, your child is our priority, whether they’re six weeks, six months, or six years old. It’s why we always strive to learn about their individual needs, so we can best serve them. We’ll also always keep you informed about progress they’re making and milestone’s they’re achieving. Together, we’ll ensure they’re on track toward becoming a well-rounded, happy, and healthy young learner!

If you’re ready for a supportive day care community, turn to Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court, proudly serving:

  • Littlestown, PA
  • Deep Run, PA
  • Westminster, MD
  • And other nearby areas

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Littlestown, PA, put Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court on your list and call (410) 386-0601 for a visit!