Day Care in Herndon: Our Focus on Language and Literacy | Celebree School

At a very early age, kids are overflowing with curiosity—and tapping into that curiosity helps them reach developmental milestones, cultivate new interests, and get excited about learning. That’s where our day care programs in Herndon can help! At Celebree School® of Reston, our passionate, experienced educators combine learning and fun for an engaging approach to all subjects.

Early childhood education can have a huge impact on long-term learning outcomes—especially when it comes to language and literacy. Let’s review how we introduce these concepts through our day care programs in Herndon.

How Kids Develop Language Skills At Our Day Care

At our school in Herndon, we’ve developed a curriculum for each age group, which is further personalized by each of our teachers. This curriculum incorporates key subjects for personal and academic development, including language and literacy. Here’s how we work on those skills:

  • Building vocabulary. At a young age, kids start to add more words to their vocabulary bank—learning what these words mean and how to say and use them correctly. We help little learners pick up new words through songs, games, and activities across all STEAM subjects. We also encourage them to communicate with their peers, which can be extremely helpful in progressing their language skills.
  • Introduction to reading. A love of reading often starts young, and our educators help kids get excited about literacy, reading, and stories! We incorporate reading daily at our day care, while also teaching kids the letters of the alphabet. That means not just knowing the letters but being able to identify them and the sounds they make—a foundational skill for reading.
  • Fine motor skills. Developing motor skills can be crucial for saying words correctly, while fine motor skills help kids get comfortable using writing utensils. Through arts and crafts time and physical education activities, little ones get plenty of opportunities to hone their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They’ll also get the chance to learn to write out letters and words by hand!

Fun, Vibrant, and Safe Programs For Families in Herndon, VA

When you want your little one to thrive, you’ll want to turn to Celebree School of Reston. We’ve cultivated a fun, safe, and engaging environment for little learners in:

  • Herndon
  • Reston
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Explore our day care programs in Herndon! If you have any questions, contact Celebree School of Reston at (703) 349-3002 for answers.