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How We Introduce Kids To Social Studies

At Celebree School® of Owings Mills, we’re not just a day care—we’re also a community hub where parents, teachers, and kids in Garrison come together with common goals. While we provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn and play, that’s not all we do. We’re also dedicated to helping families raise thoughtful, independent children who value themselves and those around them.

We incorporate all kinds of subjects into day care—like math, science, reading, arts, social studies, and more. In particular, social studies is the one that helps our learners better understand the world around them, as well as their place in it. Here’s how we introduce this subject to our little ones.

Learning About Social Studies at Day Care in Garrison, MD

When kids first step into day care, it’s often their first introduction to their community in Garrison. That’s just the beginning. By introducing social studies into our programs, we help kids learn to understand their peers and their community and prepare them to become meaningful contributors to the world around them: 

  • Fostering understanding. At preschool age, kids start to reach big social and emotional development milestones. Being around other kids can play a significant role in that. We encourage our little ones to spend time together, play together, learn, and even problem-solve together, so they can gain an early understanding of their peers.
  • Building community connections. For children, first-hand experience can help to solidify certain concepts like nothing else. Through safe and engaging class trips—led by our trusted, caring preschool teachers—we introduce kids to the bustling community and world around them.
  • Understanding leadership. Through social studies, children are empowered to see themselves as leaders, valuing their own skills as well as those of their peers. Through lessons developed from our customized curriculum, kids gain real problem-solving skills. They also build positive strategies for dealing with challenges.

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At Celebree School of Owing Mills, we know day care isn’t just about helping kids get ready for school. It’s also about preparing them for the world beyond. Through our programs, we nurture children’s confidence, leadership, critical thinking skills, and so much more, working with families across the region:

  • Garrison
  • Owings Mills
  • Pikesville
  • Reisterstown
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Don’t just take our word for it—visit Celebree School of Owings Mills to see our day care in action! To set up a visit for you and your little one, call our office in Garrison at (410) 517-6096.