Day Care in Carroll County | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Hampstead, we strive to partner with parents, so we can care for and educate each child in a customized way. In fact, we embrace the differences here and want to know the details of your son or daughter’s personality, developmental stage, and learning needs. Along the way, we’ll also keep you up-to-date on progress and work with you to develop plans to help your child thrive. It’s part of what makes our day care special and why parents across Carroll County, Hampstead, and other nearby areas in MD choose us.

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

When you’re looking for more than a day care in the Carroll County area, but a community, turn to Celebree School of Hampstead. We will protect, educate, and nurture your child in a way that brings out their best. We’ll also work alongside you to make sure you’re involved and informed every step of the way, so you understand how they learn and can best support the process at home. We do this through:

  • Daily Tweets: You can expect Tweets each day with details about your child’s naps, meals, lessons, activities, and more. We’ll also share news and upcoming events, so you can easily plan for the weeks ahead. 
  • Family Conferences: We’ll also meet with you during the year to review your child’s growth and development. We’ll discuss results from developmental assessments and screenings, as well as show you samples of their work. In addition, we’ll address struggles or concerns and talk about learning goals for the future. 
  • Meetings with Teachers: We’re happy to meet with you if a new issue or question comes up before a scheduled family conference. Simply reach out to your child’s teacher for a meeting to discuss any ongoing or additional needs. 

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Carroll County

At Celebree School of Hampstead, we believe strongly in partnering with parents to lay the groundwork for success for every child. We want to gain the insight and information that will help us best care for your son or daughter. At the same time, you can expect us to communicate with you about shared goals, new milestones, and ways you can continue the learning journey at home. Together, we’ll help your child flourish!

Celebree School of Hampstead is more than a day care, but a partner too, offering programs in:

  • Carroll County
  • Hampstead
  • Manchester
  • And other nearby areas

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Carroll County, MD, put Celebree School of Hampstead on your list and call (410) 374-5026 for a visit!