Day Care In Bowie | Celebree School

With a unique school year upon us, you and your family might need help navigating it all. That’s where Celebree School® of Bowie comes in. We’re offering school-age children across Bowie, Glenn Dale and other nearby areas a new kind of day care program geared toward virtual learners. It comes complete with the private space they need to focus, along with academic attention and support to keep the learning going. You can rest easy your child is also in a safe, educational environment, focused on helping them stay on track. 

What to Expect with Our School-Age Day Care Program

Times are uncertain and especially stressful for parents with school-age children. It’s why Celebree School of Bowie has developed a day care program with you in mind. It offers the best of all worlds, so your child’s learning isn’t interrupted, all while adhering to guidelines from the Maryland State Department of Education. We offer:

  • Class sizes with a 14:1 student to teacher ratio, maintaining social distancing standards.
  • A locker assigned to your child, just as they would have in school, so they have a private place to store their belongings. 
  • A dedicated work station for your son or daughter, so they can concentrate on their school assignments and complete them without interruption. 
  • Basic supplies stored in a basket right on their work station, including pencils, crayons, colored pencils, a ruler, scissors and more.

Celebree School of Bowie is proud to support families across the area with this new school-age day care program. We’ll provide your child with much of what they need during their school day. We do ask that you send in your child’s laptop or tablet, and a charger and headphones, to ensure they can quietly and comfortably log onto their school’s online learning platform.  

Keeping Children Safe in Our Bowie Day Care

At Celebree School of Bowie, we can ensure your child maintains a healthy routine, continues to learn, and does so in a safe day care setting. In fact, we require daily temperature checks, physical distancing, face coverings for teachers and staff, and regular hand washing. We’ve also intensified our cleaning and sanitizing efforts across every classroom, play and work area.

Together, we’ll create an experience for your child that will enable them to reach milestones and soar through the school year. Our new day care program is available in:

  • Bowie
  • Glenn Dale
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To find out more or enroll your child in Celebree School of Bowie’s day care, contact our team at (301) 805-1310 as soon as possible. Space is limited!