Connecting with Parents is Key at Our Day Care in Baltimore County | Celebree School

Getting your child off to an excellent start requires the right partner. You’ll find an entire team of them at Celebree School® of Cockeysville. We’re early childhood educators serving Baltimore County, Cockeysville, and other nearby areas in MD through a range of day care programs. We’ll strive to get to know your child, inside and out, so we can personalize our care and education around them. We also keep parents involved every step of the way, so you have confidence in our capable hands.

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

Life is stressful these days for parents. Let Celebree School of Cockeysville provide some extra support through our day care programs, open to children in the Baltimore County area. We aim to protect, educate, and nurture each child entrusted to us, helping maximize their potential in the process. We also work hard to keep parents informed, so you understand progress, struggles, and ways to support your child’s learning journey at home. We do this through:

  • Daily Tweets: Each day, you’ll receive a Tweet that shares your child’s experiences, from meals and naps to lessons and activities. These details make the transition back home easier. We’ll also share news and upcoming events, so you can plan ahead. 
  • Family Conferences: In addition to a daily overview, we’ll meet during the year to discuss your child’s progress and growth. We’ll share results from formal assessments and screenings, as well as samples of their work. We’ll also discuss any challenges, new learning goals, and what to expect in the months ahead.
  • Meetings with Teachers: If a new issue or concern comes up between conferences, simply contact your child’s teacher. We’re always happy to meet and discuss problems or questions, so we can create a plan of action together and help your child navigate through it.

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Baltimore County

Celebree School of Cockeysville is so much more than a day care serving the Baltimore County area, but a community too. We want to stay on the same page with parents and families, so we can best serve and support every child. This helps to lay the groundwork for more success in our school, as well as in life.  

Celebree School of Cockeysville is more than a day care, but a partner too, serving:

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Baltimore County, MD, put Celebree School of Cockeysville on your list and call (410) 666-4080 for a visit!