Day Care in Ballenger Creek | Celebree School

Choosing a day care is a serious decision for families. If you’re looking for a program with a special blend of education, safety, and fun, turn to Celebree School® of Frederick. Our day care is open to families in Ballenger Creek, Frederick, and other nearby areas, serving children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. Whatever age of your child, you can rest assured they’re in experienced and nurturing hands, growing socially, emotionally, and academically. 

What Sets Celebree School of Frederick Apart

Celebree School of Frederick is more than simply a day care in the Ballenger Creek area, but also a partner. We work with every parent to learn about their unique child and provide the kind of instruction, care, and support that’s personalized. Through it all, we instill a love of learning and help build a strong foundation for success in school and life. We’re able to do this in many ways, including through our:

  • Teachers. Our teachers are a special group of people, many of whom are parents too. They’re also early childhood education experts who understand how young minds learn and what they need to thrive. It’s why children are so comfortable in their capable hands, taking age-appropriate risks and meeting exciting new milestones.
  • Curriculum. Our curriculum is a holistic one that’s firmly rooted in the Maryland Early Learning Standards, while also embracing the Seven Domains of Learning. In addition, we consider the uniqueness of each child and customize it to their learning style and developmental needs.
  • Culture. Safety is the top priority at Celebree School of Frederick. Our center is one that’s sparkling clean, completely secure, and provides strict protocols for teachers and staff to follow. At the same time, we’ve also created an environment that’s rich with opportunities for children to play, explore, and learn in a hands-on way.

Serving the Ballenger Creek Area with a Different Kind of Day Care

At Celebree School of Frederick, your child will be in a setting that helps them develop critical academic skills, problem-solving strategies, and self-confidence, all while having fun and making friends. It’s the best of all worlds, one that also feels like family. 

If you’re ready for a day care that’s different from the rest, Celebree School of Frederick’s programs are open to families in:

  • Ballenger Creek
  • Frederick
  • Jefferson
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you’re looking for an enriching, fun-filled day care in Ballenger Creek, MD for your child, put Celebree School of Frederick on your list. Call (301) 620-9990 to set up a visit!