Day Care Center in Fort Mill, SC: How We Encourage Creativity | Celebree School

Every child should get the chance to let their imagination soar! At Celebree School® of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane, we foster creativity, imagination, curiosity, and discovery with every program. Our day care center offers a safe, friendly, and positive space where your child can explore and create to their heart’s content.

Creativity can play a key role in early childhood development. It gives kids the opportunity to express their feelings and ideas, capture their observations, communicate with others, and expand the way they think and solve problems. As an added benefit, it can also develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination—and it gives them an outlet for their energy and the chance to have so much fun!

3 Ways We Foster Creativity For Every Child

At our day care center, we’ve created a curriculum for each age group, so every child can develop their skills, get school-ready, and learn in an age-appropriate, engaging manner. Creativity is a big part of that! For our programs in Fort Mill, here are just some of the ways that creativity is nurtured:

  • We foster daily creativity. Creativity and imagination are like muscles: it helps to exercise them every single day! We encourage daily creativity, starting with our toddlers. Every day, kids will have the chance to work on and complete an art project, so they can let their imaginations roam free. 
  • Kids explore every medium. Some children gravitate towards visual arts, while others love singing and dancing. Whatever the case, we make sure children get to explore every type of art, including music, dance, theater, and the visual arts. That way, your child can express themselves in their medium of choice!
  • We encourage creative connections. Creativity isn’t just limited to arts and crafts. Our child care center encourages creative connections with an integrated approach to STEAM subjects (science, tech, engineering, arts, and math). That way, kids can think outside the box and build creative problem-solving skills at an early age.

Learn More About Our Day Care Center in Fort Mill, SC

At Celebree School of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane, we’re dedicated to making sure your child has every advantage possible. With a vibrant, engaging day care center and days packed with activities, games, learning, and fun, we help kids become more independent, confident, and thoughtful!

Our day care center offers programs for infants six weeks and older, all the way up to children 12 years old! To find out more, contact Celebree School of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane at (803) 455-2238.