Celebree School COVID-19 Health and Safety Information | Celebree School

Ensuring the Safety of our Celebree Family


For over 26 years, Celebree School has always been committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and learning environment to children, as well as serving families and communities. During this health crisis, we know that it is crucial for parents and providers to have all the important information and highest guarantee of safety is maintained throughout this time.

Your trust is important to us. This page contains vital information about our existing and enhanced health and safety policies for your children, our teachers, our staff, and our community. Through our combined efforts, we can work diligently and get through this crisis safely—together.

Enhanced Health and Safety Measures

Each Celebree School strictly abide by local and state rules, as well as CDC-recommended health guidelines to mitigate risk of transmission, including the following protocols:

  • Temperature check: Temperatures are taken as soon as children enter the school. Our teachers and staff also undergo no-contact temperature check upon entering
  • Modified drop-off and pick-up: Kiss-and-Go procedure allows for lobby drop-off, keeping classroom exposure to a minimum
  • Physical distancing measures: Minimal contact is strictly enforced between teachers and students in classrooms and within the school premises
  • Strict hand hygiene practice: Students wash their hands after entering the classroom and immediately transition to a structured activity. Teachers and staff practice hand hygiene frequently and as needed
  • Face coverings: Teachers wear face mask at all times
  • Intensified cleaning and disinfection: Our staff continuously and routinely sanitizes all surfaces safely, as well as learning materials and toys—away from children—throughout the day

Additional Online Resources For You and Your Children

Since March, teacher Stefanie Shurer has been providing free virtual lessons daily via our Celebree Connect program on Facebook for young ones who cannot join us in-person for the time being.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at celebree.com/contact-us/.