Choosing the Right Childcare | Celebree School

The process of choosing childcare can be overwhelming and confusing to those first seeking care. The decision to have both parents work outside of the home may be a source of stress for some; compounded with needing to find a quality childcare arrangement that works best for your lifestyle, family values and finances.

Quality Care is Key

Regardless of the type of care that is ultimately chosen, quality is the key to a successful childcare arrangement. Parents are confronted with finding a care giver and care arrangement that they trust and can rely on to partner in their child’s growth and development. Some important indicators of quality care include:

  • Warm and nurturing care givers who are able to connect with children
  • A setting that encourages parent and family-involvement in the childcare process
  • An environment that offers materials, toys, games and activities appropriate for the child’s age that stimulate and encourage a child’s interest in learning
  • A program that provides positive guidance
  • An environment that is clean, safe and healthy
  • A caregiver who is knowledgeable about child education and development

The first five years of a child’s life are developmentally the most important years. It has been found that quality child care in the first five years of life is linked to higher levels of cognitive achievement, better social skills and greater school success.

Center-Based Care

Center-based care is provided outside the home in a group setting. In a childcare or child development center, care extends beyond custodial care, moving the focus to developing social, physical and academic skills that prepare children for school years to come.

Benefits of Center-Based Care include:

  • Regulation with licensing oversight
  • Resources and materials available to all children
  • Financial security
  • Ability to provide educational and social advantages for children
  • Participation in state-funded subsidy programs
  • Monitoring and completion of criminal background checks
  • Professional caregivers with continued training
  • Allowing appropriate social and educational interaction with children grouped by age & developmental levels

The transition from home care to center-based care is a big step and provides your child the opportunity to prepare your child for school and for lifelong success. ­­For more information on a child care fit for you and your family, contact Celebree Learning Centers today.