Choose a Program Run by a Great Teacher | Celebree School

Elementary Pupils In Geography Class With TeacherDoes the teacher create a positive environment?

Look for teachers that have an emotional connection with the children.

Does the teacher manage and limit negative aspects of the environment?

Look for teachers that remain calm, cool and collected when speaking with and disciplining  children.

Does the teacher respect the needs of preschool children?

The good teachers are backed by a strong curriculum, but great preschool teachers design their curriculum to balance both the academic and emotional needs of preschool children.

Does the preschool teacher direct the classroom to balance curriculum productivity with student self-actualization?

Look for teachers who respect routines and the stabilizing effects they have on preschool children.

Does the preschool teacher have multiple instructional formats to aid children regardless of learning style?

Exceptional preschool teachers understand and implement instructional formats that preschool children and their parent often perceive as open “play” time.

Can the preschool teacher genuinely stimulate and encourage higher-order thinking?

Look for teachers that know how to implement activities that promote high-order thinking.

Can the teacher encourage and reward high quality feedback from preschool children?

Look for teachers who encourage children to express their opinion and use that opportunity to help build both the student’s confidence and ability to reason.

Can the teacher motivate the development of a preschool child’s language skills?

A good preschool teacher will encourage students to expand and use their vocabulary and have strategies and activities that facilitate, encourage and give the opportunity and motivation to explore and expand their understanding and use of  language.

Can the teacher articulate the children’s progress to expected developmental milestones?

Part of the teacher’s job is to appropriately communicate with parents as well, be sure your teacher is educated about and receives continuing education about the latest developments and trends in early childhood education.

Is the teacher sensitive to preschool student academic and emotional needs?

Teachers make the difference between a childcare program where children are simply safe and cared for and a program where children learn and thrive.

While it might seem like preschool is all about naps and playtime, the latest research shows that early classroom experiences can have a major impact on later learning and academic performance. Some studies have found that higher- quality preschool experiences are more likely to yield better results in school than preschool settings where teachers aren’t engaging children but merely babysitting them.

When evaluating a childcare program, many of us rely on our instincts. We will tend to gravitate toward teachers that are best for us as adults and may inadvertently neglect considerations that are best for our child. While a particular preschool teacher may not be the person you want to hang out with on a Saturday night – that same person may indeed be the best teacher for your child. The best way to evaluate a preschool teacher is to watch them in action. (If a childcare facility will not allow you to observe a class, there is likely a reason for it, take this for the red flag that it is and look elsewhere.)