Childcare Development Center in Montgomeryville, PA: How We Nurture, Educate, and Protect | Celebree School

You want your child to thrive at every age. At Celebree School® of Montgomeryville, we go above and beyond to make that possible. Our childcare development center is a warm, colorful, and safe environment where kids play, learn, progress, and make friends—a place where your child can build their wings and soar!

For every age group, our educators and staff ensure that kids can have a blast while learning and progressing. That’s true whether little ones are six weeks old or six years old! We help kids prepare for the world beyond while offering them a soft place to land every day.

Going Above and Beyond To Nurture, Protect, and Educate

When you bring your child to our school, you’re not dropping them off—you’re setting them on a path where they can flourish and progress. We offer an environment where kids can enjoy every advantage possible:

  • We welcome them with open arms every day. At Celebree School of Montgomeryville, our educators provide a warm and welcoming environment where kids are always supported. We encourage age-appropriate activities that foster social skills, leadership skills, and confidence—so children can build healthy and positive relationships while respecting themselves and those around them.
  • We provide them with every advantage. Learning is a blast of fun at our childcare development center! Our teachers incorporate learning through structured lessons, projects, arts, group activities, and even supervised field trips. We make education a dynamic, vibrant experience, engaging kids’ natural curiosity—so they can have tons of fun while learning lots!
  • We take their safety seriously. Every child’s safety is a top priority when you bring them to our school. We incorporate comprehensive safety measures, using the latest technology to ensure our classrooms are secure and comfortable. Our teachers are also certified to practice CPR and first aid and are well-versed in our security protocols. We make sure they’re not just well cared for but protected, too.

Visit Our Childcare Development Center in Montgomeryville, PA!

At Celebree School of Montgomeryville, we welcome families from throughout the area to our childcare development center! We’re a one-of-a-kind school, a community dedicated to helping children get a leg up in the world. Together, we can make sure your child has all the support they need to succeed in school and beyond!

Interested in enrolling your little one at Celebree School of Montgomeryville? Contact our childcare development center at (267) 827-3642 to set up a visit today!