Childcare Development Center in McLean, VA: How We Nurture, Protect, and Educate | Celebree School

Every child deserves a warm, safe, and nurturing environment where they can learn and thrive. At Celebree School® of Tysons-Jones Branch, that’s what our childcare development center offers to families in McLean and the surrounding areas. With bright and colorful classrooms, deeply caring educators, and a curriculum for every age group, we ensure your child can enjoy every advantage possible.

At the heart of our childcare development center is a simple philosophy: to nurture, protect, and educate every child. Let’s look at how we make that possible for every little one, every day. 

The Philosophy at Our Childcare Development Center

At Celebree School of Tysons-Jones Branch, we make it our mission to help every child thrive. Whether they’re six weeks old or preschool age, we offer a gentle, safe, and stimulating environment for every age. Here’s how we make it easier for kids to play, have fun, learn, and grow: 

  • We build up their self-esteem. Our educators in McLean deeply care about supporting every child. We go out of our way to welcome every little one with open arms and a big heart. We celebrate every child while helping them progress socially, personally, and developmentally. In doing so, we make it easier for kids to cultivate confidence, social skills, and leadership skills so they can thrive within our walls and beyond!
  • We encourage their appetite for learning. Kids are brimming with curiosity, and we nurture that curiosity through hands-on, interactive learning. We incorporate the 7 Domains of Learning for a comprehensive and holistic educational experience, with an age-appropriate curriculum for every program. Our teachers personalize learning for every child, making it fun and accessible for everyone!
  • We keep them safe. When you entrust your little one to our childcare development center, you’ll always know they’re being protected. We take diligent and comprehensive safety measures, including cutting-edge security systems, to keep our classrooms safe. A

Welcoming Families from McLean, VA, and the Surrounding Areas

You’re not just getting a childcare development center when you choose our school. You’re also getting a community. We welcome parents and families from across the region, including:

  • McLean
  • Tysons
  • And throughout the neighboring areas

Learn more about our childcare development center in McLean! If you have questions or would like to set up a visit, contact Celebree School of Tysons-Jones Branch at (703) 663-4064.