Childcare Development Center in Henrico, VA: How We Educate, Nurture, and Protect | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Henrico, we offer a dynamic, vibrant experience for children of every age. Whether your little one is nine weeks old or nine years old, our childcare development center provides a place for them to learn, play, make friends, and grow. We nurture and support every child while incorporating fun and learning daily.

How does that work? Let’s review how our teachers go above and beyond every day to nurture, teach, and protect our kids.

How Our Childcare Development Center Supports Every Child

When you enroll your child at Celebree School of Henrico, you’ll know they’re getting a one-of-a-kind experience full of learning, warmth, and fun. Here’s how we take care of every little one:

  • We provide a comprehensive, holistic, and engaging learning experience. Every day is an adventure at our childcare development center—filled with play, group activities, fun projects, and age-appropriate learning. We’ve created a curriculum for every age group, in keeping with Virginia’s early childhood education standards, to ensure every child is learning and having a blast!
  • We celebrate every child. You always want your child to have a soft place to land—and that’s what you can expect from our school. We nurture and support every child, welcoming them each day with open arms and a big heart. We nurture them while fostering personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and social skills—so they can thrive with us and beyond.
  • We go above and beyond to protect them. At Celebree School of Henrico, we offer an oasis from the busy, modern world—a vibrant and warm place where kids are always protected. We’ve created detailed safety measures to ensure that kids are well looked after. Our teachers are also trained in CPR, first aid, and other security protocols. When you bring your child to our school, you’ll know they’re safe and cared for.

Discover the Joy and Warmth of Celebree School of Henrico

At our childcare development center, we welcome parents and kids from throughout the area:

  • Henrico
  • Short Pump
  • Innsbrook
  • Glen Allen
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We invite you to bring your child for a visit to our school! That way, you can experience the unique wonders and joys of our school for yourself.

Want to set up a visit to Celebree School of Henrico? You can contact our childcare development center at (804) 415-4991 to learn more.