Childcare Development Center in Fort Mill, SC: Our Approach is to Educate, Nurture, and Protect | Celebree School

No matter what age your child is, you always want them to be safe and supported. At Celebree School® of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane, we go above and beyond to nurture and protect your child while giving them a world-class learning experience. We’ve cultivated a home away from home—a childcare development center that kids are always thrilled to return to every day.

All of that starts with our extraordinary group of teachers, who are experienced and trained in early childhood education. Our educators understand the vital responsibility they’ve been entrusted with. They take every measure to ensure your child is thriving. Let’s look at how that occurs every day.

How Our Childcare Development Center in Fort Mill Goes Above and Beyond

You want your child to have every advantage possible in life. At our childcare development center, that’s what we want, too. Here’s how we nurture, educate, and look after kids:

  • We engage their minds. Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and we engage that natural curiosity through education. Our experienced educators draw connections between STEAM subjects (science, tech, engineering, arts, math) through dynamic activities and projects. We educate kids while encouraging their appetite for learning!
  • We help them build confidence and skills. In addition to structured learning, our teachers also focus on activities and games that foster confidence, social skills, and developmental abilities. We celebrate the unique differences of all children, welcoming each little one into our childcare development center with a big smile and an open heart.
  • We help keep them safe. When you bring your child to our school, you’ll always know they’re in good hands. We’ve cultivated a warm, safe, and positive environment for kids—with soft surfaces for the little ones and plenty of opportunity to safely explore. We’ve also implemented an array of safety and security protocols to ensure kids are well-protected every single day.

Schedule A Visit Today

We’re so much more than just a school—we’re a community. A place where families and teachers come together to ensure kids can thrive and flourish every day. We welcome you to visit our vibrant classrooms and speak with our passionate educators to experience the magic of our community for yourself!

Come visit us! To schedule a visit, contact our childcare development center in Fort Mill at (803) 455-2238.