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You want to give your child the best start in life. That often includes the right child care. If you’re searching for an ideal program, put Celebree School® of Woodstock on your list. We offer programs to families across Woodstock and other surrounding MD communities that will help to maximize your child’s potential. From our caring and experienced teachers to our warm and welcoming setting, they’ll feel right at home here, thriving as a result.

More About Our Child Care for Woodstock Area Families

Celebree School of Woodstock offers many options for child care programs, depending on your needs and the age of your little one. Whatever you choose us for, you can rest assured your child will be well cared for, completely safe and supported, and happy learning, growing, and making friends in a colorful, fun-filled setting. Some of our most popular programs include those for:

  • Infants: At Celebree School of Woodstock, we will provide your child with a primary teacher who will offer the highest level of nurturing and support, from snuggling and rocking to playing and encouraging. 
  • Toddlers & Preschoolers: As your child grows in development and mobility, we’re here for them too making sure they’re learning the critical values and skills that will create a strong foundation for success in kindergarten and the early school years ahead. 
  • School-Age Children: For older children up to age 12, we offer summer camps, and before and after school care that provides opportunities for learning, making friends, experiencing new worlds, and having fun with plenty of free and down time.

Visit Celebree School of Woodstock & See Our Holistic Child Care Programs for Yourself

Celebree School of Woodstock has child care programs to meet your needs today and for many years ahead. We also offer options for both part- and full-time enrollment, as well as a holistic approach to education. This simply means we’ll help your child develop in every possible way, from emotionally and socially to physically and cognitively. They’ll become a confident, well-rounded, happy young learner you can be proud of. 

If you’re ready to experience the difference Celebree School of Woodstock’s child care programs can make, we’re open to families in:

If you’re looking for child care in Woodstock, MD for your son or daughter, call Celebree School of Woodstock at (410) 480-5400 to set up a visit and come see us for yourself!