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You want to give your child the world and it starts with the right education. At Celebree School® of Germantown, we can help deliver it with our child care programs, available to families across Germantown, MD. Our programs come with customized curriculums, experienced teachers, and a safe environment filled with friends and fun. Your child will learn, grow, and thrive in a place that feels like home. 

About Our Child Care for Germantown Area Families

Celebree School of Germantown knows every child learns at his or her own pace. It’s why we embrace the differences in our child care programs, giving each and every one the support, guidance, and care they need to achieve milestones and soar. Along the way, they’ll be in classrooms filled with interactive, educational, and exciting opportunities to learn, exploring the world around them. It’s the ideal balance of fun and education, in a secure and nurturing setting. 

Celebree School of Germantown’s programs include those for:

  • Infants: Your precious baby will be held, rocked, and snuggled, as well as encouraged and supported in every possible way so they feel the same level of love and attention they get at home.  
  • Toddlers & Preschoolers: As your child continues to grow, we’re here for them with a range of programs that focus on building skills in key areas, from self-help and socialization to early literacy, fine and gross motor skills, and more. 
  • School-Age Children: Even when your child is in school, we offer a safe place to land over summer and before and after school, one filled with action, new experiences and, of course, plenty of time for play.

Visit Celebree School of Germantown & See Our Holistic Child Care Programs for Yourself

Celebree School of Germantown is the name known and trusted across the area for child care that is devoted to protecting, nurturing, and educating. Our programs are also flexible, offered on a part- and full-time basis, as well as holistic too. This simply means we focus on every aspect of development, from social and emotional to cognitive and physical, so your child evolves into a well-rounded and confident young learner.

If you’re ready for the best of all worlds with our child care programs, Celebree School of Germantown is open to families in:

If you’re looking for child care in Germantown, MD for your son or daughter, call Celebree School of Germantown at (301) 540-4600 to set up a visit and come see us for yourself!