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Where you send your child for care is a big decision. At Celebree School® of Forest Hill Rock Spring, we understand this and it’s why we take our jobs so seriously. With our child care programs open to families in Forest Hill Rock Spring, MD and other nearby areas, we’re able to provide your son or daughter with a dynamic education in a warm, nurturing setting filled with energetic and experienced teachers. It’s the kind of place that will feel like a second home, so your child transitions here each day with ease.

More About Our Child Care for Forest Hill Rock Spring Area Families

Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring is here for you with a range of child care programs, whether you have an infant or a school-age child. Our programs offer customized curriculums, fun-filled opportunities to learn, and plenty of time for play and socialization. As a result, your child will become comfortable and confident learning, growing, and exploring in a place where they are fully supported, nurtured, and encouraged. 

Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring’s child care programs include those designed for:

  • Infants: We will give your baby all the attention, love, and care they need to thrive in our capable hands, from being snuggled and rocked to sleep to time for play and fun.
  • Toddlers & Preschoolers: We’ll ensure as your child grows, they have access to programs that promote the development of critical skills in areas ranging from fine and gross motor to self-help and early literacy.
  • School-Age Children: Your older child will have a safe place to land before and after school, and during summer, so they’re still engaged, while having fun with friends. 

Visit Us & See Our Holistic Child Care Programs for Yourself

Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring is a leading provider of child care programs thanks to our flexibility and dynamic, holistic approach. We offer full- and part-time opportunities while focusing on the growth of the whole child, physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. This ensures they become eager and confident young learners ready to soar in school. 

If you’d like to learn more, our programs are available to families in:

If you’re looking for child care in Forest Hill Rock Spring, MD for your son or daughter, call Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring at (410) 836-3003 to set up a visit and come see us for yourself!