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You want your child in a place that’s special. A place that’s safe, warm, nurturing, and educational. At Celebree School® of Bowie, we understand this and can offer you all that and more. In fact, with our child care programs, open to families in Bowie and other nearby MD communities, your child will be in capable and experienced hands, enrolled in a curriculum personalized around their needs, and learning and growing in colorful and fun-filled classrooms. As a result, they’ll feel right at home here, making the transition to school a breeze.

More About Our Child Care for Bowie Area Families

Celebree School of Bowie’s child learning center features many programs for child care, starting at six weeks of age. Your little one will be in a program right for their age and stage, guided and supported by devoted and skilled teachers, who know how small children learn and will bring out their best in the process. You’ll be surprised and thrilled by just how much your son or daughter grows, whether they’re enrolled in:

  • Infant Care: Your baby will get all the nurturing, love, and support he or she needs from a primary teacher completely devoted to them each day. This includes being held and bottle-fed and rocked to sleep.
  • Toddler & Preschool Care: As your child becomes more mobile and curious, we’ll ensure they’re learning and gaining new skills critical for future school success, from socialization with their peers to self-help, fine and gross motor, and early literacy.
  • School-Age Care: For children up to age 12, we’ll give them a safe place to land both before and after school, as well as throughout the summer, with programs designed around their needs, providing plenty of action, fun, and time with friends. 

Visit Celebree School of Bowie & See Our Holistic Child Care Programs for Yourself

Celebree School of Bowie is known and trusted by countless families for child care programs that are diverse, dynamic, and flexible. You can enroll your child on a full- or part-time basis, offering the flexibility you need, while creating a strong foundation for your child’s future success. We also take a holistic approach to education, from cognitive and physical development to social and emotional, ensuring your son or daughter emerges well-rounded, confident, and eager to fly. 

If you’d like to learn more, our programs are available to families in:

If you’re looking for child care in Bowie, MD for your son or daughter, call Celebree School of Bowie at (301) 805-1310 to set up a visit and come see us for yourself!