Child Care in Bel Air: We’re a Great Place to Start! | Celebree School

When your child is in the right program, you’ll notice the difference as they develop into a happy, confident young learner. It’s why so many families choose Celebree School® of Forest Hill Rock Spring. With our child care programs, offered in Bel Air, Forest Hill Rock Spring, and surrounding areas, we can help your son or daughter build the strongest foundation possible, one that will set them up for success in school and in life.

What Sets Our Child Care in Bel Air Apart from Others 

Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring is a top choice in Bel Air for child care programs that are customized. We understand each child is unique and we embrace the differences. To start, we take time to get to know your child – their personality, routine, and developmental stage – all so we can tailor our level of care and education to them. They’ll learn in a place that’s more comfortable and supportive, growing by leaps and bounds as they do.

Some additional ways our child care programs are different from others in Bel Air include:

  • Our approach: Our approach to education is a holistic one focused on the Seven Domains of Learning. Your child will be developing in many ways, as a result, including academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. 
  • Our curriculum: Our curriculum is designed by early childhood educators, adheres to the Maryland Early Learning Standards, and integrates STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) into lessons in creative and exciting ways. 
  • Our teachers: We’re proud of our teaching team, many of whom are parents themselves. They’re experienced and skilled, while also being compassionate and understanding. It’s a special blend that will help your child thrive.
  • Our setting: Safety is the priority at our center with children being closely monitored in a secure setting. At the same time, we offer classrooms that are filled with warmth and color, providing a fun and comfortable haven that feels like a second home.

Experience the Difference at Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring

The child care program you choose in Bel Air will impact your son or daughter today and in the future. With Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring, you can rest assured they’re in exceptional hands. Our setting is focused on protecting, educating, and nurturing, so your little one develops into a happy, well-rounded and well-prepared individual. They’ll be ready for the school years ahead in a way that will make you proud.

Our child care programs are available to those ages 6 weeks to 12 years in:

Come see us for yourself and why we’re leading the way in child care across Bel Air! Call Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring today at (410) 836-3003 to schedule your visit.