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You want your child in safe, capable hands, ones that will ensure your little one is educated and nurtured too. You’ll find all that and more at Celebree School® of Bear. We offer child care programs designed for children across the Bear, DE area for ages six weeks to 12 years old. Each one offers a customized curriculum we’ll personalize around your child, delivered by caring and experienced teachers. Your child will have a safe place to land each day, one where they’ll also feel right at home. 

More About Our Child Care for Bear, DE Area Families

Celebree School of Bear offers a range of child care programs focused on safety first while educating and nurturing your child too. They’ll feel comfortable from the start, as a result, learning, growing, and playing alongside their peers. They’ll be in warm, colorful classrooms doing so, while also being encouraged to explore, express themselves, and socialize, giving them the confidence they need to soar in school and in life.

Our programs are available for:

  • Infants: During this special stage, your child will be snuggled, held, and rocked, getting plenty of one-on-one care and attention from a primary teacher completely devoted to meeting your baby’s needs. 
  • Toddlers & Preschoolers: Once your child is becoming more mobile, we’ll harness their curiosity, providing plenty of opportunities to grow in critical areas, from socialization, fine and gross motor to self-help and early reading and math.
  • School-Age Children: As your child enters school, we’ll still be there for them before and after their day, as well as throughout summer, providing them with plenty of action, fun-filled opportunities, help with homework, and time with friends. 

Visit Celebree School of Bear & See Our Holistic Child Care Programs for Yourself

Celebree School of Bear is relied upon across the local DE communities for child care programs that are dynamic, enriching, and flexible. You can enroll your child on a full- or part-time basis, giving your family the support and coverage you need, while your child is with us, learning holistically. In fact, we focus on the whole child, ensuring they’re developing in every possible way, from cognitively and physically to socially and emotionally. They’ll grow in confidence and independence as a result. 

If you’d like to learn more, our child care programs are available to families in:

If you’re looking for child care in Bear, DE for your son or daughter, call Celebree School of Bear at (302) 834-0436 to set up a visit and come see us for yourself!