Child Care in Annapolis | Celebree School

Celebree School® of Annapolis is the trusted choice for child care in Annapolis, MD. Our environment is secure and friendly, one where your child will feel welcomed and comfortable. 

As professional educators, we know how important the choice of child care is for your family. You want a place where you are confident your child is safe. But finding a place where your child will be loved, cared for, and given opportunities for success is equally important. You can count on Celebree School of Annapolis MD for all of this.

What Sets Our Child Care Apart

Families throughout the Annapolis area trust our child care center for so many reasons. One of the most important is that we combine a true passion for caring for children with our belief that a lifetime of success starts early. It’s why we combine age-based educational concepts with a genuine love for the children in our School.

One of our goals is to make the daily transition from home to School and back an easy and peaceful one. We take the time to talk with you each morning to touch base and find out if there is anything we should be aware of. We also follow the same routines that you do at home. We want your child to view our school as an extension of their home. A second home where they can feel loved, nurtured, and cared for.

Our Teachers at Celebree showing child care in Annapolis

We also incorporate important educational concepts into our daily schedules so that your child will have develop a love of learning early on. Our curriculum is based on and follows the guidelines set by the Maryland Early Learning Standards. We also incorporate the Seven Domains of Learning into our lessons. A foundation and focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) helps to ensure your child will kbe building a foundation for future success in school and life.

At Celebree School of Annapolis MD, we are strive to provide a holistic approach to learning and child care. You want the best for your child, and so do we. Together we’ll educate, nurture, and protect your child as they grow and lean. From infant care to preschool, we’re here to be your partner, your support, and your child’s launch pad for a lifetime of learning.

To learn more about child care at Celebree School of Annapolis MD, we invite you to call (410) 571-5418 to schedule a visit. We look forward to getting to know you and your family. Welcome to the Celebree Family!