Celebree Teachers Use Many Ways to Help Children Learn About Food | Celebree School

Teaching early learners about food is a priority at Celebree Learning Centers. That’s why we make it an ongoing subject that we approach in a variety of ways. And, since we have some of the most diligent and creative teachers in the world, we are always finding new ways to make food classes fun and memorable. These photos from our Ellicott City and Perry Hall centers show two very different approaches.

Ellicott City

Shown below, Ellicott City’s Two’s Class focused on healthy eating choices during circle time. Teachers supported the children as they learned which foods were healthy, and which others… not so much.

Ellicott-City-Early-Learning-Food-Education-5 Ellicott-City-Early-Learning-Food-Education-6 Ellicott-City-Early-Learning-Food-Education-4 Ellicott-City-Early-Learning-Food-Education-3 Ellicott-City-Early-Learning-Food-Education-2 Ellicott-City-Early-Learning-Food-Education-1

Perry Hall

The Perry Hall staff put together a food experience where Two’s learned about textures with caramel and apples, Three’s tested sour versus sweet, KR1 threaded jewelry with Fruit Loops, and KR2 constructed Go Kart Veggies!

Perry-Hall-Early-Learning-Food-Education-5 Perry-Hall-Early-Learning-Food-Education-3 Perry-Hall-Early-Learning-Food-Education-4 Perry-Hall-Early-Learning-Food-Education-1 Perry-Hall-Early-Learning-Food-Education-2Perry-Hall-Early-Learning-Food-Education-6

Children learn in many different ways, and we explore them all at Celebree.