Celebree Franchise Partner Raises $25 Million for United Way Charity | Celebree School

At Celebree, our commitment isn’t just to excel in early childhood education; we believe in nurturing each local community we serve by giving back.

Today we are incredibly proud to spotlight Karl Neumaier, our first franchise partner in Oklahoma, for his extraordinary philanthropic efforts in his community in Tulsa.

Karl has played a pivotal role as co-chair in the 99th #TAUW campaign, joining forces with dedicated volunteers and nonprofit workers to raise over $25 million in the past year. 

Karl and his team have made it possible for thousands of individuals to have access to life-changing resources, and this monumental contribution to United Way is a testament to what we can accomplish when we work together for the common good.

Transformational change happens when we unite with a common purpose. 

We’re proud to work with franchise partners who are not just business owners; they’re dedicated members of their community committed to making a lasting positive impact.