Celebree Could Be the Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow | Celebree School

Every March, St. Patrick’s Day brings us the joy of celebrating Irish heritage, wearing green, and welcoming the start of spring. The holiday encourages us to embrace Irish folklore and its symbols of luck and prosperity, like shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. 

When we see a rainbow, we can’t help but imagine a pot of gold waiting at the end. There’s no denying that a small part inside all of us wants to believe that pot of gold is real, and with Celebree School, it can be! 

Celebree School has rainbows gleaming across the U.S, spanning from Massachusetts to Florida to Texas. At the end of each rainbow sits a Celebree School, ready to protect, educate, and nurture a brand new generation of children. These little learners will have access to the teachers and tools that will help shape their minds and set them on a path of prosperity and success.

With the goal of opening 150 schools by 2025, Celebree School is looking for qualified and engaged individuals who want to build a legacy for their family, have a passion for early childhood education, and make a difference in their community.

Celebree School lives by its promise to Grow People Big and Small™, and was founded on the belief that success in early childhood development is equal parts curriculum and a connection that extends beyond the classroom to address the needs of the whole child and the whole family. Each Celebree School is a village made up of parents, children, and educators with a focus on curriculum-based care that prepares your child for kindergarten and beyond.

Programs are available for children six weeks to 12-years-old with unique curriculums designed to develop positive social skills and values while allowing children to learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects, and activities. Care is available part-time or full-time, and parents are allowed to drop in and visit at any time. 

When franchisees invest with Celebree School, they’re investing in an organization with a strong culture, solid systems, and a proven business model backed with 25-plus years of experience in providing exceptional early childhood education. 

We want to nurture the imagination of thousands of young minds, so they too will grow up to believe in that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If the prospect of educating the next generation of learners and dreamers sounds appealing to you, reach out to us today and make an inquiry. Who knows, maybe Celebree is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.