Celebree Connect June 1st | Celebree School

Happy Mail a Hug Day Celebree Families!

We’re excited to bring you another ‘Celebree Connect’. My name is Stefanie Shurer, and I have the privilege to bring our Celebree curriculum to your home each day! Whether you are at home with your child or just want some added activities to engage with your child, here is where you can support your child’s development on a daily basis. Each day, Monday – Friday, you can meet me at 9:00am 10 – 15min connection. This is meant to be engaging and interactive for your children. This is a suggested schedule and activities for you and your child to complete together today.

Morning Meeting: Good Morning, Conscious Discipline Breathing Technique, Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar, Weather, Jobs @ Home, Read Aloud (Time to Sleep – Story Events Prior to Hibernation)

Daily Schedule:
– 9:00am – Morning Meeting & Connection w/ Ms. Stefanie
-10:00am – Gross Motor Activity – What Does It Land On Letter Edition – Write letters on the driveway (including less known ones) and toss a bean bag or balled up sock to the letter as it  is called out

-11:00am – STEAM Experience – MATH – Take a walk around your neighborhood and count the number of mailboxes.  How many are there?  Describe how they are similar or different.

-12:00pm – Question of the Day – If you could breathe in outer space, what would you do?

-3:00pm – Writing & Drawing Activity – Mail A Hug Day – Draw a picture of yourself and tape together long arms that can go around a family member that you haven’t seen in a while, write your name and your address on the envelope.

Please feel free to use this schedule and included activities/experiences to support your child’s development and engagement with Celebree and your family.

Stefanie Shurer