Celebree Connect June 12th | Celebree School

Hey There Celebree Families!

We’re excited to bring you another ‘Celebree Connect’. My name is Stefanie Shurer, and I have the privilege to bring our Celebree curriculum to your home each day! Whether you are at home with your child or just want some added activities to engage with your child, here is where you can support your child’s development on a daily basis. Each day, Monday – Friday, you can meet me at 9:00am 10 – 15min connection. This is meant to be engaging and interactive for your children. This is a suggested schedule and activities for you and your child to complete together today.

Morning Meeting: Good Morning, Conscious Discipline Breathing Technique, Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar, Weather, Jobs @ Home, Read Aloud (How About A Hug – Discuss emotions and what we can do)

Daily Schedule:
– 9:00am – Morning Meeting & Connection w/ Ms. Stefanie
-10:00am – Gross Motor Activity – Draw a spider web on your driveway and toss 5 bean bags or balled socks  onto the web.  Pretend they are spiders. Walk on the web without falling off, but don’t walk on the piece with the spider!

-11:00am – STEAM Experience – SCIENCE – Make a natural sensory bottle by adding flowers, sticks and grass to a plastic water bottle.  Finally fill it with 2-3 parts water, 1-2 parts vegetable oil, then glue or tape the lid on.

-12:00pm – If you could be any household pet for a day, what would you choose to be?  Why?

-3:00pm – Writing & Drawing Activity – Have a family member draw various wavy, straight, zig-zag, or curvy lines on paper or your driveway.  Then practice cutting them out or tracing them.

Please feel free to use this schedule and included activities/experiences to support your child’s development and engagement with Celebree and your family.

Stefanie Shurer 
[email protected]