Celebrating Week of the Young Child April 6-12 | Celebree School

Happy Week of the Young Child! April 6-12, join us in recognizing the significance of a child’s early years in laying the foundation for lifelong success.

According to the NIH, 90% of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years of life. This period is crucial for cognitive, social-emotional, and physical growth, and the experiences that children have during this time greatly impact their future academic achievements, relationships, and overall well-being.

At Celebree schools, we engage our young minds with creative, child-led activities and fun learning experiences, because when we invest in early childhood education, we’re paving the way for a promising future for each child.

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Here’s to celebrating the magic of childhood! May this Week of the Young Child remind us all of the amazing potential within our youngest learners. Because when children thrive, our future shines brighter.

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This week, let’s renew our commitment to creating a enriching world where every child can grow and prosper. It all starts in early childhood.