Celebrating the Week of the Young Child at Celebree Learning Centers Hampstead | Celebree School

April 7-11 was the Week of the Young Child, and Celebree Learning Centers all over celebrated. Here we spotlight the celebration at our Hampstead center.

Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-11 Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-1

In preparation, families received a letter about events taking place throughout the week. Each family worked together to make a collage from pictures of things they like and dislike. the responses were all GREAT.


MONDAY – Collages were hung for children to share. Parents were invited to join their children for an ice cream sundae in the afternoon.

Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-6 Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-5

TUESDAY – Children were Little Picassos for the day. Each child created a picture and told the teacher exactly what could be seen in their picture. The pictures were displayed in our “art gallery” and in the windows of stores and restaurants in our shopping center.

Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-5 Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-3

WEDNESDAY – In honor of how much the children have grown, we updated the growth charts begun at the beginning of the year and discussed with the children how plants and flowers grow tall like them. Each classroom helped plant vegetable seeds for our school vegetable garden and each child planted their own flower to take home and watch grow!

Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-7 Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-9

THURSDAY – When the children went outside to enjoy their playground time they were surprised by several different stations available to them. They could explore different vegetables, seeds, and plants using color screens and magnifying glasses. They all contributed to creating a chalk wall mural. There was a sensory table with sand and many different tools to work with in the sand. There was a literacy activity where they read Goin’ on a Bear Hunt and made a representation of binoculars using paper towel tubes. They then used those to search for signs of spring!

Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-10 Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-12

FRIDAY – Today we celebrated the children’s gross-motor abilities by having an obstacle course Olympics. Each child went through a variety of obstacle course stations. After each station they earned a colored ring which were then all put together to create the Olympic rings. Of course they got a special prize for their participation as well.

Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-14 Week-of-the-Young-Child-Celebree-Learning-Centers-Hampstead-13

The week was fantastic. Although we celebrate our children each day it is always fun to really make that the focus for the week.

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