We Believe in You(th) Week | Celebree School

Celebree School, along with Caliday School Age Programs, are so excited to be participating in We Believe in You(th) Week, an all-out campaign that aims to unite our communities around the truth that we believe in our youth.

On November 14-18, 2022, every Celebree School will celebrate the first annual We Believe in You(th) Week to ensure our young people know, in these difficult times, we will rally around them in unity when they need us, because we believe in them.

For this campaign to have the greatest impact possible, we need YOU to join in with us! If there are young people in your life, whether it’s the students you teach, the athletes you coach, or your own family, we encourage you to show them why you believe in them.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Share a message for our youth on your social media saying we believe in them, using #WIBYweek
  • Make a 30 second video telling a young person why you believe in them! Share using #WIBYweek
  • Write a young person a letter to tell them why you believe in them!

Download these notecards to write your letter on!