Remembering What Matters Most This Holiday Season | Celebree School
Hands holding Christmas gift. Background with christmas outfit

Hands holding Christmas gift. Background with christmas outfit

The child development professionals at Celebree Learning Centers shed light on ways to avoid the unimportant distractions of the holidays and how to focus on what truly counts.

We often get caught up in the fast-paced holiday shuffle and unknowingly let it overshadow the important aspects of the season. Yet, it is possible to remain grounded during the holidays without turning into “scrooge”, by finding a balance that sets a good example for your children. Follow along for some holiday reminders that are sure to make this season a special one.

Plan for a Family Volunteering Activity

The holidays are a time to practice gratitude and appreciation. Consider activities such as ringing the bell for the salvation army at your local grocery store, or serving food at a child-friendly soup kitchen. You’ll find that participating as a family will provide many meaningful memories. Furthermore, when your child begins to comprehend how truly fortunate they are, it will make the holidays especially significant.

Reflect on the Past

The feeling of nostalgia often comes to mind during the holidays. Whether you’re sitting near the fireplace or gathering around the table, take some time to revisit past holidays and your favorite memories. Discuss with your children how the memories themselves are more important than the gifts they received. Reminding them that true happiness does not come wrapped in a box. Be sure to share what you’re proud of and how much you have all grown since this time last year—have everyone take a turn talking about their achievements and proudest moments.

Establish a No-Tech Policy—Parents Included!

Unless you’re chatting with other loved ones and wishing them a happy holiday, keep the screen time and phone time to a minimum. The holidays are a perfect time to practice being present in the moment and enjoying each other’s company. Share updates face-to-face with your loved ones around the table, rather than scrolling through updates of individuals who you may hardly know. Dismiss the digital world so you can focus on the people that make up your own physical world.

Make a Family Tree

Turn this year’s tree into a scrapbook full of photocopied memories and snapshots from the years past. If you do not have a tree, print out photos that can be hung up on the wall or made into a wreath. Let everyone in the family participate and choose the photos that will serve as decoration. This activity serves as a unique, creative and inexpensive way to spend time together and prepare for the holidays.

View the Holiday Through Your Child’s Eyes

Skip past the wrapping paper spread messily across the floor and the cookie crumbs sprinkled on the table—look at the happiness, warmth and joy that fills your home. Try to take in the little moments throughout the day. Know that your child is only this age once, constantly growing and changing. Things may be different this time next year, so take in this day for what it is and enjoy every second of it.

Celebree Learning Centers wishes you and yours a happy and memorable holiday, where the focus is not on the gifts and the holiday stress, but on family and the quality time you spend with one another. For more information on making this holiday season the best one yet, contact Celebree Learning Centers today.