After School Programs in Montgomeryville, PA: 8 Ways to Learn & Play | Celebree School

If you’re looking for an after school program you can count on, turn to Celebree School® of Montgomeryville. We offer programs for school-age children to keep the learning going after the classroom day is done. We also offer plenty of time for making new friends, playing inside and outdoors, and exploring different interests. It’s why children love coming here and feel right at home. 

In fact, when you choose the after school program at Celebree School of Montgomeryville, your child can select from eight different ways to learn and play. Through our Hot Spots, they’ll be given the option to participate in:

  • Celebree Café. If your child loves to cook, this Hot Spot is perfect for them. They’ll be involved in a range of culinary activities while assembling a cookbook collection. 
  • Corporation Celebree. In this Hot Spot, children will be publishing and promoting the cookbook collection from Celebree Café, learning a range of key business skills and concepts along the way.
  • Spotlight on Celebree. If your child has a heart for music or theater, then they’ll want to be in this Hot Spot. We’ll be putting on various productions that help children shine on stage.
  • Studio of Design. If your child enjoys being behind the scenes, whether making costumes or handling set design, this Hot Spot is the right fit for them to bring their creative abilities to life. 
  • Creative Encounters Hot Spots. In Creative Encounters, your child will have the chance to channel their creativity in a variety of ways through different projects and activities.  
  • WCLC Newsroom. If your child has a nose for news, the Newsroom enables them to find the scoop and report it, building reading, writing, and communication skills in the process.
  • Study Hall. If your child is at an age that comes with homework, we offer a quiet place to study with teachers who can provide help if needed.
  • Celebree Game Room. If, instead, your child wants fun and games after school, the Game Room is a great place to hang out with friends.

Get Started With Our Montgomeryville, PA Area After School Programs!

If you’re looking for an after school program where your child is safe, learning, and having a blast doing it, turn to Celebree School of Montgomeryville. We offer our programs for children from kindergarten through fifth grade and even provide free transportation from their school to our program. It makes life easier for you and gives your child a range of exciting new opportunities to grow on.

We offer our after school programs to families in Montgomeryville, PA, and surrounding areas. Call (267) 827-3642 today to learn more, set up a visit, or enroll your child!