After School Programs in Reston, VA: Many Ways to Learn and Play | Celebree School

Every child deserves a warm, nurturing, and safe environment where they can excel. That’s what you can look forward to with after school programs at Celebree School® of Reston! With a dynamic array of activities supervised by our experienced educators, our programs offer many different ways to explore, learn, play, and have fun. 

Let’s take a look at some of the different activities we offer for school-aged enrichment. 

Dynamic and Fun Activities Through Our After School Programs

When kids are encouraged to explore their interests, it can help them develop confidence and independence while nurturing lifelong learning skills! Through our programs, we keep kids occupied and engaged while giving them plenty of options to play, learn, and discover:

  • Cultivating new interests. Our after school programs give kids the chance to follow their curiosity, develop new interests, and find healthy outlets! They can safely practice culinary experiments in the kitchen at Celebree Café—or STEM experiments in the lab at our Engineering Zone! If they have a nose for journalism, they can always report on school stories at our WCLC Newsroom. 
  • Meeting like-minded peers. We encourage kids to foster healthy peer relationships, practicing problem-solving, leadership skills, and communication! Our Studio of Design allows them to dive into theater production, while Creative Encounters will enable them to show off their performance chops with peers! They can also unwind, relax, and spend time with friends in our wonderful Game Room.
  • Time to study and learn. There’s always an opportunity to learn and improve at Celebree School of Reston. Study Hall is the top destination for kids who wish to pursue school projects or focus deeply on homework assignments. They can also look forward to getting support from our educators! We even encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills with a fun-filled Spot Challenge.

Discover Our Vibrant Programs at Celebree School of Reston

With our after school programs, we’re dedicated to helping kids build self-esteem while building new skills and practicing respect for their peers. We’re proud to help cultivate young leaders and thinkers from throughout the region, including:

  • Reston
  • Herndon
  • And throughout surrounding communities

Why not visit our school with your child? You can see the magic, warmth, and joy of our programs for yourself. When kids are with us, we give them every advantage—so they can build their wings and soar!

Get started with our after school programs today! Just contact Celebree School of Reston at (703) 349-3002.