After School Programs in Ashburn Farm, VA: Many Ways to Learn and Play | Celebree School

When kids have the support and encouragement they need, it can help them build skills, grow confidence, and thrive. At Celebree School® of Ashburn Farm, our after school programs provide a supportive, vibrant environment where kids can make friends, play, learn, and develop. Packed with activities and fun, we help kids tap into their skills and interests so they can excel in school and beyond!

From kindergarten to fifth grade, we welcome students of all ages from Ashburn Farm and the surrounding areas. Here’s how our after school programs provide kids with different ways to learn, explore, and have fun!

How Our After School Programs Keep Kids Engaged and Having Fun

You want your child to flourish, no matter where they are. At Celebree School of Ashburn Farm, our after school programs help kids meet peers, build social skills and independence, learn, and play. Here are just a few of the activities they can get excited about:

  • They can dive into curiosity. Many kids love to roll up their sleeves and try new things! For those kids, they can get comfortable in the Celebree Café, whipping up recipes and trying new culinary experiments. Or, they can step into the Engineering Zone and explore the scientific world with STEM experiments that will engage the mind. Either way, they can satisfy their curiosity, have fun, and learn lots! 
  • They can create and express themselves. Some children are drawn to the arts, whether performing, painting, or designing. We offer many creative avenues for kids to use their imagination and hone their talents. Through our Drama area, they can participate in a theater production with peers! With our Art Studio, they can practice visual arts, design, and other forms of self-expression.
  • They can study, focus, and have fun. There are also excellent opportunities for kids who want plenty of time to study and play! Our Study Hall is the ideal destination for students who need to complete homework or need help with certain concepts. We also offer our Technology Area as a place for kids to unwind, plus our Games Room—packed with fun, games, and friendship!

A Community Hub For Families in Ashburn Farm, VA

From infant care to after school programs, we offer child care for little ones aged six weeks and up. Our school is a thriving community hub for families in:

  • Ashburn Farm
  • Ryan
  • Ashburn
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about our wonderful after school programs! Contact Celebree School of Ashburn Farm at (703) 879-2452 for more information.