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Part-Time vs. Full-Time Programs

Are you looking for affordable child care options? Celebree School® of Tysons-Jones Branch can help! We understand how important it is to find day care within your budget while also putting your child’s education first. We offer a couple of different options to keep your costs down, not just through our scholarship program but also through part-time day care!

Every child deserves an exceptional learning experience, and that’s what they can always look forward to at our school. With vibrant, safe, and engaging classrooms, we’ve created a home away from home for little ones of all ages. Let’s take a closer look at our part-time programs.

About Our Part-Time Programs in Tysons, VA

Part-time day care can be an excellent option for affordable child care, and you may be surprised to learn that children attending part-time can still reap many of the benefits that come with full-time care! Here’s how we ensure that kids in our part-time program get an outstanding learning experience:

  • Educating the whole person. At our school, learning is about more than just understanding academic subjects like math and reading. It’s also about improving the whole person! We focus on social, personal, and cognitive development, so kids at every level can progress with age-appropriate learning. Our curriculum is always further personalized by each educator for each student.
  • Plenty of social time. Having exposure to peers can be important for building social skills and reaching developmental milestones. Our day care programs give kids plenty of opportunities to play and work with others their age! We foster positive interactions between little ones, helping them to communicate, solve problems, and work together successfully.
  • Getting kindergarten-ready. Preschool can play a crucial role in ensuring that children don’t fall behind when they reach kindergarten. We go above and beyond to ensure kids in Tysons and the surrounding areas are well-prepared for kindergarten! Even in our part-time programs, students have the chance to build language and literacy skills, learn basic math concepts, and more.

Providing Affordable Child Care For Your Family

When you’re worried about your budget, you can always turn to our school for affordable child care programs. We’re proud to support working families in:

  • Tysons
  • McLean
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Our school is dedicated to helping every child find their place and excel. Whether you choose part-time programs, our child care scholarships, or full-time care, we’ll make sure your little one is well cared for.

Want to learn more about our options for affordable child care? You can reach out to Celebree School of Tysons-Jones Branch at (703) 663-4064!