Celebree Teachers

Career teachers dedicated to your child’s success.

Celebree learning is fun and exciting.

Commitment to Teaching

Our teachers are fully committed to their early education teaching careers. They embrace the Celebree curriculum because it has been so enormously successful a path for so many children. Many of our teachers choose to join Celebree after achieving success in other schools or childcare centers.


Commitment to Your Child

Teaching at Celebree doesn’t begin and end with readying your child for educational success.

Teachers, as well as all staff members, are fully trained in the technology and processes we utilize to protect children at Celebree. These protective measures keep children safe, but enable parents to visit at any time, no appointment necessary.

Celebree teachers love children. Infants are held at feeding and held at nap time until they fall asleep.

When Celebree takes children out into the community for fun, educational activities, Celebree teachers lead the way. At Celebree, to protect, educate, and nurture your child means to help them develop in every way.

Celebree’s Commitment to our Teachers

We know Celebree is a highly desirable place for those inspired to pursue a career in early childhood education. That’s why our Celebree Careers page is one of the most visited on this website. We respect and reward teachers who have the qualifications, teaching gifts and dedication to succeed at Celebree.

In addition to competitive compensation, Celebree teachers receive opportunities to become increasingly proficient in their position through:

In-house training and development

Financial assistance for their continuing education

Individual growth plans and coaching

Annual performance reviews

We Think of Our Teachers as Educational “Super Heroes”

We Think of Our Teachers as Educational “Super Heroes”