A Note About Love and Our Children | Celebree School
     Little feet run beside the shopping cart. Jumping up and down, full of excitement and ready to finally pick out valentines for school! All of the different options overwhelm the little feet! It’s going to be so hard to pick just one box! Maybe the ones that sparkle? No, maybe the foil ones with the funny notes! No wait, maybe the ones with the silly faces! No, this is the one! It’s perfect! Little feet jump up and down again, and tosses the valentines into the shopping cart!
   For our children, February is one big heart party! Joyful, innocent faces are excited to share love, candy, treats and a lot of hugs! A whole holiday colored in pink, red and white! How exciting to have an extra day to tell Mommy and Daddy how much they really are loved! The idea of a holiday that is all about Love is exciting for our children!
   Our children remind us of how amazing love really is. Their genuine gestures of love give something of great value and leave our hearts feeling full. Our children don’t measure our mistakes or flaws. They only measure how much they love us, usually with their arms. They only see their best friend. The person who cares for them and protects them. The person they trust the most.
   Children only want to show how much they love us, so having an extra day just for love gives them a great opportunity to show their friends and family the amount of love they really have in their hearts. Whether they show it through a cut out heart, a happy hand print or a scribble note you can’t quite make out, you know they love you unconditionally, and they carry that love all year long in their happy little hearts.
-Kay Ogle,