A New Year the Celebree Way | Celebree School

Our Celebree Learning Centers at Lutherville brought in 2016 in a very special way. After creating their very own hats, clocks and noise makers, the children discussed their own resolutions with Celebree teacher, Ms. Martha.

I want to be a better Spider Man. -Bradshaw R. Age 4
I want to listen to mom and dad better. -Carter Y. Age 5
I want to make more friends. -Emma D. Age 5
I want to play more sports, get better grades, and be a better person. -Isaac M. Age 9
I want to be an MVP and win the championship. -Orlando R. Age 5

Ms. Martha has provided an inside look into 2016’s Creative Curriculum and learning objectives. The children will be focusing on:
• Math: Basic knowledge of time, number concepts and operations.
• The Arts: Exploring visual arts and musical concepts by creating festive hats and noise makers, exploring dance and movement concepts for the dance party celebration.
• Cognitive: They will be creating an experience that the children will connect to and remember during the New Year holiday time every year.
• Social-Emotional: They will practice participating cooperatively and constructively in group situations.
These are only some of the ways something as simple as a New Year’s dance party celebration can enhance a child’s learning and development! Check out this quick recap video of the event as well as some snapshots into the New Year’s Celebration.

Now let’s turn the question over to our families.
How will you bring in the New Year? What are your resolutions? Take a look at these family-oriented goals for 2016 and see if any are in line with your thoughts for you and your family.
1. Begin a weekly ritual. As you know, children thrive off of schedules. This can be something that your child looks forward to throughout the week. Try a family movie night on Fridays, or a family game night on Wednesdays. You’ll soon see having those little family traditions won’t just mean a lot to your kids, they’ll mean a lot to you.
2. Take your time with hellos and goodbyes. This past year was busy, what with running out the door and a quick kiss on your child’s head as you rush to work. This year, try to slow things down. Wake up a little earlier and give a genuine hug and kiss to your children before leaving. “I love you, have a great day!” or “Tell me about your day,” can do miracles in the beginning or end of the day.
3. Volunteer as a family. Make lists of way that you can help others in 2016. Whether it’s doing a charity walk with the whole family or giving away old clothes, there are endless ways to help. Show generosity by example.
4. Shut it down, shut it off. Our addiction to our devices is proving worse now more than ever. In 2016, let there be less cell phone, tablet and computer usage in the home. Strengthen personable skills and eye contact with your family. Once again, show by example.
5. Get healthy together. Don’t drag your kids to the gym by any means, but find neat ways to stay active together. Depending on your child’s age, feel free to attend a yoga class or simply make an effort to walk around the neighborhood together. Maybe even find a certain hike to complete that’s close to home.

The New Year is a time for setting goals and implementing healthy habits. Don’t just think of these six items as hobbies for a few months, think of them as permanent goals to work on with your children. Let’s bring in 2016 the best way possible – together.