5 Tips For Making The Transition From Summer To Back-To-School! | Celebree School

Summertime is a special time for kids. No school, sleeping in, and plenty of time to play. But as the summer comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about getting back into the school routine. Here are a few tips to help make the transition from summer to school a little bit easier for both you and your child.

Get back into the routine

Help your child get used to morning, after-school, and bedtime routines a few weeks before school actually begins. The morning should include breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and packing up any necessary school supplies. After-school time should be used for snacks, homework, outdoor play, and winding down before bed. Bedtime routines should include bathing, reading, and getting into clean pajamas. By establishing these routines, your child will know what to expect each day and will be better prepared for the start of the school year.

Get shopping done early

Start by making a list of the items your child will need for school. This might include new clothes, shoes, a backpack, and school supplies. Once you have your list, start shopping early and take advantage of sales and discounts. If you’re shopping online, be sure to factor in shipping times so that you don’t end up with items arriving after the school year has already begun.

Have a planning session

Sitting down and discussing your child’s concerns with them may be helpful. This gives you an opportunity to connect with your child and shows them that you are there for them. You can help them devise a plan to overcome any challenges they may face as well as set goals for the school year. Your child will benefit from this as they develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We at Celebree Schools support this holistic approach because we believe it’s the most effective way to give your child a well-rounded early childhood education.

Take your child on a trip to school

Seeing the school, meeting the teachers, and getting a feel for the schedule and environment will help your child feel more comfortable and excited about starting school. If you’re not able to visit the school in person, you can always take a tour online or ask the school for a virtual tour. Here at Celebree Schools, our virtual tour is popular among parents of young children because it gives them an opportunity to see the school and what it has to offer without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. On our scheduled live tours, parents may also meet their local Celebree School educators and spend time in the classrooms.

Connect your child with friends

You can help your child feel more at ease at the beginning of school by helping them connect with friends. One of the best things you can do is to help them reach out to kids they already know, such as cousins or family friends who attend the same school. You can also encourage them to join extracurricular activities in schools like clubs, sports teams, and before and after-school programs. Finally, encourage your child to be themselves. Allowing your child to be themselves will encourage new friendships because other children will be drawn to their unique personality.

Parents and guardians play an integral role in ensuring their child’s school readiness and optimal development. By following the tips in this blog, you can help make sure that your child starts the school year off on the right foot and enjoys a successful and enjoyable learning experience. For additional information on early childhood education, please check out our resources for parents.