3 Ways Preschool in Hanover, MD Prepares Kids for School | Celebree School

When you’re busy every day with work or other obligations, preschool can be a lifeline. Our school in Hanover offers a warm, welcoming, and safe environment where kids can play and thrive every day. But our program is so much more than that. We help kids prepare for kindergarten and the world beyond through fun, engaging teaching and structured learning!

At Celebree School® of Elkridge, we’ve developed a curriculum for every age group, ensuring that kids can grasp the skills and abilities they need to succeed in school and beyond. Let’s take a look at how we can prepare your little one for school.

How Our Preschool in Hanover, MD, Gets Children Ready for School

For families in Hanover, our preschool program can be a vital bridge between home and school. Here are just some of the valuable learning skills we focus on:

  • Language and literacy. Priming kids for kindergarten means introducing them to crucial concepts in language and literacy. We help introduce kids to letters and their sounds, even encouraging them to write and practice fine motor skills where possible. We also help to build up their vocabulary and regularly read to them, so they’ll be excited to learn more once they reach school!
  • Math. An early introduction to numbers and math concepts can give kids the confidence they need for kindergarten math. We incorporate numbers and counting into our preschool programs so kids can recognize numbers and their relationships to each other, can count, and may even understand some adding and subtracting. We also introduce them to shapes and patterns, giving them an early start to geometry and math!
  • Arts and creativity. The arts can be an excellent way for kids to express themselves and explore their emotions. It also helps to build their fine motor skills and deepen their imaginations. Through various art projects, we introduce kids to colors, shapes, and various art forms. Children can start exploring different mediums ahead of kindergarten, so they’re undaunted by this subject in school!

Discover The Experience of Celebree School of Elkridge

If you’re curious about our preschool, why not set up a visit? We welcome families from throughout the surrounding communities, including:

  • Hanover
  • Elkridge
  • Dorsey
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Discover the many benefits of our vibrant, safe, and welcoming preschool in Hanover! To learn more about scheduling a visit, contact Celebree School of Elkridge at (301) 508-9362.