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Enrollment Made Easy – Even from Afar

Ready to embark on this exciting educational journey with us? Even if you can’t enroll in person, we’ve made the process simple!

Even if you can’t enroll in person, we’ve made the process simple:

Download Enrollment Forms: Click the links below to access our enrollment documents. Ensure you have all the necessary information ready for a seamless process.

Complete the Forms: Fill out the forms with accurate details. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Submit Your Forms: Once the forms are complete, you can submit them via email to your school director. If you have any additional documents, include them as well.

Schedule a Virtual Visit: While we can’t meet in person, we’d love to connect virtually! Schedule a video call to meet our teachers, tour our facilities virtually, and get a feel for the vibrant atmosphere prior to joining us in person.

Now Even More Families are Eligible for Affordable Child Care
The process of applying for a State, County, or military scholarship has never been easier.

Below you will find links to the enrollment documents needed to enroll your child in our care. 

Please note all documentation must be filled out prior to your child’s first day in care.


Immunization Certificate

Emergency Form

Health Inventory

Blood Lead Testing Certificate

Medication Administration Authorization Form


Child Information Card

Child Health Appraisal 

Parents Right to Know & Permissions

All Schools: 

Electronic Funds Transfer Form

Getting to Know You & Your Family

Enrollment Agreement

Infant Schedule

Questions or need assistance? Contact us!

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