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Why Celebree School?


Discover the Celebree Difference

Your child’s bright future begins here. Our programs are designed to educate the whole child, nurturing their social-emotional and academic growth while building a foundation for lifelong success.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers

At Celebree Schools, our team of educators is focused on helping your child develop a strong sense of self and a joy for learning. Each School has a team of educators who are excited to spend the day helping children grow, learn, and develop.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Based on the 7 Domains of Learning, we’ve created a curriculum program that is age appropriate and helps your child build a foundation for a lifetime of learning. From personal and social development, through scientific thinking, to the arts, your child will be excited to learn new things each day.

Our School Family

Our School Family

We’ve created a new kind of school family; one where educators, parents, and children unite in support of one another. We are a village – one where we help children find joy, growth, and success every day while giving you as a parent, one less thing to worry about. We’re on your team.

Our Values

Our Values

We create a feeling of home and supportive community through our core pillars of Protect-Educate-Nurture. Our children are empowered to explore. We provide a safe environment where children feel comfortable to explore, take developmentally appropriate risks, and ultimately thrive.



We take our responsibility to protect children seriously. We follow all licensing regulations and pursue the highest level of accreditation.



Process oriented and curriculum based education begins at birth and lays a foundation for lifelong success.



We help children develop independence, respect for others, and the confidence they need to thrive.

Mission. Vision. Values.

Celebree School Mission Statement

Our professional and dedicated team nurtures and educates infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children in a wide-range of child care programs. Our children develop positive social skills and values and learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects, and activities. We provide a stable, secure learning environment that fosters a solid foundation for lifelong success.

Celebree School Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school age children. Known for our exceptional educational programs, talented teams, and community relationships, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Take a Virtual Tour through a Celebree School

While each community’s school has a look and feel that is unique to their local area, you can get a feel for what to expect by viewing our virtual tour. Step inside a Celebree School and experience the joy of learning!

Learn More About Our Curriculum

In Our Schools You Can Expect to See

  • Focus on cleanliness through routine classroom cleanings, frequent hand washing, continuous trainings to follow CDC and local state regulations
  • Limited access entry systems requiring individualized parent identification numbers before admittance
  • Closed circuit surveillance systems monitoring all areas throughout the school
  • Dependable and practiced emergency and lock-down procedures
    • Many schools have classrooms equipped with locking doors and emergency panic buttons to ensure safety

Our Teachers

  • Are First Aid/CPR certified, exceeding the Office of Child Care’s requirements
  • Are trained in and are qualified to execute all security measures
  • Are educated in the milestones and skills children at each age should achieve
  • Complete background checks through the state and federal fingerprint process and screening through Child Protective Services upon hiring

These protective measures keep children safe, but enable parents to visit at any time, no appointment necessary.

Find Out More About Celebree

Our History

Ours is a long, proud history that began in 1994 when Richard Huffman opened the first of his childrens learning centers. Today, we are a community of over a thousand educators dedicated to positively impacting the lives of countless children.

Celebree School Historical Timeline


Richard Huffman opens his first child care location in Ellicott City, MD. He names the center Enchanted Child Care and employs a staff of 25 people.


Richard opens his second location in Parkville, MD known as the “Carney” location, representing the neighborhood it serves. This location fills up so quickly, Richard knows he is on to something. He begins to build a team that could support multiple locations.


Richard expands his footprint into his third and fourth Maryland counties opening 2 new locations in Bel Air and Frederick. He now employs over 100 employees and provides care to over 400 children! A successful model is in place and ready for accelerated growth.


With 11 locations in operation, Enchanted Child Care is re-branded as Celebree Learning Centers®. The company’s core values to “Protect, Educate & Nurture” are defined.


Celebree Learning Centers opens its 13th location and is now located in 5 Maryland counties. At this point, the company has 420 employees and provides care to over 1000 children! Celebree has now established their business model around 3 key areas: Talent, Brand, and Operations.


Celebree opens its first location outside of Maryland, in Bear, Delaware.


The Celebree team continues to focus on rapid expansion, and opens its 19th location in Hampstead, Maryland. Celebree now has 500 employees and provides care for nearly 1,800 children.


The Celebree corporate infrastructure has really taken shape. A call center has been established on behalf of the Celebree locations. A sales touch point process is established, and CRM tools are enabled. Most importantly, employee development methodologies are beginning to have a big impact on employee satisfaction and the quality of care. At this point, Celebree Learning Centers is caring for over 2,100 children.


Celebree opens its 23rd location in Lutherville, Maryland, established as a flagship location beneath a new corporate headquarters, complete with robust training facilities. A new leadership development program is now helping Celebree to retain and develop top talent. Recognized as an industry leader in quality education, Celebree begins to apply for state accreditation through the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).


With a 24th location now opened in Germantown, Maryland, Celebree employs nearly 700 people and cares for over 2,600 children! The very first center that opened in 1994, Ellicott City, is the first center to be awarded accreditation through MSDE. Richard also begins to build a franchise offering, which would reproduce the success of his corporate center model and allow him to expand the Celebree brand at a more rapid rate.


Celebree opens its 26th location in Pasadena, Maryland and 6 locations are now fully accredited through MSDE. At this point, it’s clear that a “Learning Center” doesn’t do Celebree justice. Celebree is rebranded to “Celebree School®” and brings the Celebree franchise offering to market.


…and beyond

With like-minded professionals plugged into their neighborhoods, we will continue to celebrate the education of children. We will teach them to be confident, so they may grow into self-assured adults.

Support Center

Our Support Center assists the school teams in many areas so that our directors and teachers can focus on what’s most important: protecting, educating, and nurturing the children in our care. This umbrella of support allows our leadership and teaching teams to have access to world class training, development, human resources, marketing, operations, and business administration support every day.

Support Center

Hear From Our Parents

"The teachers are SO very knowledgeable. My children surprise me at home every day with new things they can do. When I have questions about developmental appropriateness for what I need to do to support my children's growth, they are courteous and knowledgeable about how I can help at home with their development. Thank you Celebree School!"

"I highly recommend Celebree. The teachers are just wonderful and attentive. The class structure provides a sense of COMFORT and my son just seems to thrive in their learning environment. This school is home for our family!! :)"

"Celebree has been amazing for our daughter’s growth and development and for us as new parents. The staff is incredibly kind and understanding- they helped me so much the especially the first few weeks when I was nervous leaving my daughter with anyone. The communication is top notch and classrooms are fun. Our daughter smiles every morning when we drop her off! I couldn’t ask for more!"

"There are not enough positive words to express what Celebree means to our family. From the second we arrived we have experienced nothing but kindness, love, and compassion from this amazing community. Leaving your child with anyone is never easy but to know that they are safe, LOVED, and cared for as if they are staying with family makes it a little easier. When he transitioned to a new classroom, the staff made sure he had plenty of time to feel comfortable in his new environment. My son’s teachers helped my son (and us) understand how he learns best and treated him with such compassion as he found his grove. "

"Celebree has helped my son FLOURISH with everything from language to social skills. They teach not only ABCs, but what it means to be a good friend, and how to express your feelings. If you are looking for a place that is more than just childcare and will truly nurture your little one, look no further than the Celebree family."

"Our experience at Celebree has been great. Teachers are amazing, and I love the end of the day detailed report. They take the time to provide feedback about development and growth of my child. It’s a very friendly atmosphere and comforting when we see our son happily entering into the facility – administration and teachers always greeting him, and he just wants to go and play with his friends. We have seen him grow so much after joining Celebree. This is his first daycare and we haven't been disappointed!"

"There is nothing that compares to the peace of mind you get as a parent knowing that your child is somewhere they love to be. My 2 year old has always had trouble forming attachments to others outside of my husband and I, but she has quickly learned to trust and love her teachers at Celebree. It's easy to tell that the teachers really care about the kids they work with, because the behavior of a 2 year old doesn't lie. My daughter is always excited to go to school and sometimes she doesn't even want to come home! I was surprised at how quickly she formed relationships with the teachers because she wasn't even this attached to the nanny she had for over a year. Highly recommend Celebree!"

Dependable Child Care You Can Rely On

Let’s launch their lifelong love of learning together. Contact us to visit a Celebree School near you!

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