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Why Celebree

We help little thinkers,
think BIG.

We Grow People Big and SmallTM.

Our Children’s Learning Centers in Rockville Are the Premier Choice

Why Choose Our Center?

Your child is special and you want them in a place that recognizes their uniqueness. At Celebree School® of Rockville, we embrace the differences, helping every child succeed. In fact, with our children’s learning center in Rockville, MD, we offer a place that feels more like a family and less like a day care center. It combines play time with fun, caring teachers, and a nurturing and secure environment.

Every child feels happy and safe here, as a result, so they are comfortable putting their imagination to use, exploring new interests, and taking age-appropriate risks. We also focus on the whole child, so your son or daughter is growing holistically and also gaining confidence they do.

The Philosophy We Follow at Our Children’s Learning Center in Rockville

Three students playing in class at children's learning centers in Rockville.

It’s our mission to protect, nurture, and educate each child who walks through our doors. To do that, we offer a warm, colorful, and inviting setting that is also safe and secure.

We invest in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that and also follow strict safety procedures, including requiring photo identification for everyone who enters. Our teachers are even CPR- and First Aid-certified, giving you further peace of mind.

During their days and weeks with us, your child will be growing by leaps and bounds. We harness the natural power of their curiosity and invite them to explore, discover, and learn as they do.

Even when they’re playing, they’re gaining new skills, expanding their knowledge base, and collaborating with their peers. This promotes more than academic growth, but also social, emotional, and physical development. Over time, thanks to our engaging and enriching approach to education, children develop into well-rounded and well-equipped big kids.

Enroll Today and Set Your Child up for Success 

Choosing our learning center means your child is in the hands of our experienced teachers. We have a team of early childhood educators who understand how young minds work and will motivate your child to reach their potential.

At the same time, they also provide the care and compassion your child needs each day, whether it’s someone to listen, provide an encouraging word, or give them a hug. It’s a special relationship where your child will get the support they need to shine.  

If you’d like to find out more, we invite you to call (301) 579-3601 for additional information or to schedule a visit. Our children’s learning center serves families in Rockville and surrounding areas in MD. 

This is the Celebree School experience.
A stable, secure, fun environment and children’s learning center that presents a solid foundation for the flight of a lifetime.

Our Teachers

At Celebree Schools, our team of educators is focused on helping your child develop a strong sense of self and a joy for learning. Each School has a team of educators who are excited to spend the day helping children grow, learn, and develop.


Our Curriculum

Based on the 7 Domains of Learning, we’ve created a curriculum program that is age appropriate and helps your child build a foundation for a lifetime of learning. From personal and social development, through scientific thinking, to the arts, your child will be excited to learn new things each day.


Child Care Subsidy Program

At Celebree Schools, we understand that high quality care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers is important and we’re here to help make it affordable. Our family partners are here to guide you through the process.


Quick Facts

Looking for a quick overview of what to expect at Celebree Schools? Find out what our mission is, how we approach learning, and why families love Celebree Schools! Click here for Quick Facts on what sets Celebree Schools apart from the rest.

Virtual Tour

While each community’s School has a look and feel that is unique to their local area, you can get a feel for what to expect by viewing our virtual tour. Step inside a Celebree School and experience the joy of learning!

7 Domains of Learning

Asset 15

Personal and Social Development

Children learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and their peers while cultivating a positive personal identity.
Asset 16

Scientific Thinking

Children are taught to channel their natural curiosity to articulate questions and draw conclusions about the world around them.
Asset 17

Mathematical Thinking

This discipline focuses on numbers and their relationships, in addition to the geometric concepts that explain spatial awareness.
Asset 18

Language and Literacy

The basis of learning, this domain opens the door of communication through writing and drawing as well as grammar and comprehension.
Asset 19

Social Studies

This sphere examines societal relationships based on social structures and the connections between people and their communities.
Asset 20

The Arts

An exploration into visual arts, music, dance and theater, this domain celebrates distinctive expression of emotions and ideas.
Asset 21

Physical Development and Health

Children are taught regard for health and nutrition in addition to the benefits of exercise to develop a strong mind and body.
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