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Summer Camps in Pasadena

Don’t let your child fill their summer days with TV and video games. Keep them happy, engaged and active at Celebree School® of Pasadena. We offer summer camps to children across the Pasadena, MD area that are filled with fun, along with learning, providing that perfect combination for both children and parents. Not only will your child be taking field trips, going on outdoor adventures, and exploring the world around them, but they’ll be making friends and gaining confidence as they do. 

About Our Summer Camps in Pasadena

Celebree School of Pasadena typically kicks off our summer camp programs in the middle of June and completes them at the end of August. Depending on your child’s age and interests, we have a few different camps to choose from that include:

  • Our 2020 Summer Camp, which is filled with lessons, activities, projects, and field trips, all built on a specific theme. It’s fun-filled and dynamic and also offers children in Pasadena the opportunity to play sports and games, do arts and crafts, go swimming twice weekly and more. It’s geared for children ages six to 12.
  • Celebree School of Pasadena’s Summer Camp for those little ones in the two-to-five age range. It consists of many hands-on lessons, projects, experiences. and outdoor adventures that will keep your child laughing and loving life during their days and weeks with us.  
  • Our HotSpots Adventure Camp is just another option if you have a child who’s either a natural adventurer or artist. The adventure track is filled with mountain biking, ziplining, and archery. The arts track emphasizes creative endeavors like videography, dance, arts, culture, and more. Both include swim time every day.

Serving Families in & Around Pasadena With Celebree School of Pasadena

At Celebree School of Pasadena, we’re a leading local choice for summer camps in the Lake Shore, Pasadena, MD and Glen Burnie area. One of the reasons our programs are so special is thanks to our experienced educators. They’re highly trained, but also energetic and nurturing, offering every child the attention and encouragement they need to thrive. Another reason is the fact that we’re a locally owned and operated child learning center. This means our programs reflect our community, our culture, our schools, and our neighborhoods. It feels like a second home here and why children love our camps! 

We invite you to come see us for yourself and learn more about our summer camps with a visit to Celebree School of Pasadena. Simply call our school today at (410) 439-0989 to set one up.