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Our Easter Egg Hunt at Celebree Learning Centers of Frederick

Our Celebree Learning Centers of Frederick hosted an Easter Egg Hunt last Friday, March 25, 2016. Read what the kids had to say!

A toddler doing outdoor activity
smiling girl doing outdoor activity
a toddler explores nature
a toddler doing fun outdoor activity
a toddler playing outside
a child having fun outdoor
A kid having fun at kindergarten playground
A kid playing on kindergarten playground
parent and staff in bunny costume
Indoor group activity for toddlers
a toddler hugging celebree staff in bunny costume

“Look how many eggs I got Ms. Kristin!” – Parker

“The Easter bunny came to visit and I was scared but he loves me.” – Charlotte

“They’re even on top of the slide!” – Tyrone

“Easter bunny you have big ears on your head.” – Juilanna

“You’re very soft.” – Alessani  (Said to the Easter bunny)

“Did you bring all the eggs on the playground?” – Ryan