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After School Programs in Fort Mill, SC: 8 Ways to Learn & Play

If you’re looking for a safe and educational place for your child to land at the end of the school day, consider the after school program at Celebree School® of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane. We offer more than a space to hang out, but one where children can learn, explore different interests, make new friends, and even develop a lifelong passion.

Some of the ways we do that are through our eight different Hot Spots. Children can choose to participate in any one of them, including:

  • Celebree Café. If your child likes spending time in the kitchen, they’ll love this Hot Spot that involves culinary activities and even creating a cookbook.
  • Corporation Celebree. If your child is a natural salesperson, this Hot Spot puts their skills to use by publishing and selling the cookbook.
  • Spotlight on Celebree. With this Hot Spot, children are given the opportunity to shine on the stage in a theater or musical production.
  • Studio of Design. This creates sets and costumes for our productions, allowing children to put their imagination to use while gaining technical skills.
  • Creative Encounters Hot Spots. If your child is an artist at heart, they can tap their natural abilities and get involved in a range of creative activities that keep them curious and engaged. 
  • WCLC Newsroom. We even offer a newsroom where children can get involved in writing stories and reporting the news that’s happening at Celebree School of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane.
  • Study Hall. If your child prefers a quiet place to read or study, we offer a Study Hall where they can get work done and even get help from a teacher if they need it. 
  • Celebree Game Room. If they’d prefer fun and games with friends, then the Game Room is a great place to be, offering a variety of activities to participate in.

Get Started With Our Fort Mill, SC Area After School Programs!

In addition to offering a dynamic and fun-filled after school program, Celebree School of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane always makes safety a priority, whether your child is in kindergarten or fifth grade. We have the latest technology securing our center with strict measures, like requiring photo ID for anyone to enter our building and teachers who are trained in CPR and First Aid. You’ll have peace of mind while your son or daughter is having a blast. 

Call Celebree School of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane at (803) 455-2238 today to learn more, set up a visit, or enroll your child in our after school program, open to families in Fort Mill, SC and other nearby areas!