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Day Care in Waverly Woods

The day care you choose will have a big impact on your child’s future. Gain confidence in your decision with Celebree School® of Woodstock. We offer day care programs across Waverly Woods, Woodstock, and other nearby areas for children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years old. They combine encouragement and education with fun and friends, helping every child reach exciting milestones and soar.

What Sets Celebree School of Woodstock Apart

Celebree School of Woodstock is more than simply a day care serving the Waverly Woods area. Our goal is to help children build a strong foundation for future success in school and life. We do this by partnering with parents, local school districts, and community stakeholders in early childhood education to ensure our programs are enabling children and families to thrive. Some specific ways we do that are through our:

  • Teachers. Our teachers understand how young minds learn at this early stage of life and know how to teach and motivate them, so they’re developing at an age-appropriate pace. Our team is also filled with warmth and compassion, making each child feel right at home.
  • Curriculum. Our curriculum is built around the Seven Domains of Learning, aligns with the Maryland Early Learning Standards, and incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) into daily lessons. At the same time, it’s flexible, recognizing the uniqueness of every child and ensuring we’re meeting individual needs.
  • Culture. Children are excited to come here each day thanks to welcoming and fun-filled classrooms that offer many opportunities for discovery, play, and hands-on learning. It’s also an environment that puts safety first with stringent security policies and measures, along with advanced technology in place.

Serving Waverly Woods with a Different Kind of Day Care

At Celebree School of Woodstock, we aim to get children off to a great start by instilling a love of learning, along with self-confidence too. We do this by combining fun and play with education and nurturing. It’s why children are so comfortable here and able to develop into happy, well-rounded individuals, better prepared for school ahead. 

If you’re searching for this kind of environment, one that’s more than just a day care, our programs are available to families in:

  • Waverly Woods
  • Woodstock
  • Marriottsville
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you’re looking for an enriching, fun-filled day care in Waverly Woods, MD for your child, put Celebree School of Woodstock on your list. Call (410) 480-5400 to set up a visit!