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How Exercise Benefits You and Your Team

We’ve always known the exercise is good for your physical and mental health. I started working out when I was just 15 years old, when my dad and brother started martial arts. It has since become part of my daily routine growing up. At present, I work out five days a week with my wife, who’s also doing 60-minute rides on our Peloton bike and does yoga thrice a week.

As an adult, I’ve broached more of its benefits not just when it comes to my own health, but also how becoming physically active has greatly impacted my leadership at Celebree and my team’s own fitness achievements as well. And it’s backed up by science. Studies have shown that exercise—especially acute and aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming, running/jogging, hiking, dancing, and walking—has a positive effect on regulating behavior and “alleviates negative as well as enhances positive mood states, with effects occurring immediately after and lasting up to one day post-exercise cessation… the largest improvements in mood were decreases in tension, depression, anger, and confusion.” 

Here are some ways on how exercise benefits me and my team.

  • Improves cognitive function. When you exercise, your body reduces insulin resistance and inflammation and stimulates the release of growth factors, which are “chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and even the abundance and survival of new brain cells,” according to a Harvard study. One of its indirect benefits is mood and sleep improvement and stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Builds your confidence. Working out is a great reminder that you can always do more than you think! You can always do one more push-up, one more minute on the bike, and/or one more sit-up. We are always underestimating what is possible, and exercise proves we are capable of more, of better. Working out helps train the brain so your body can do more than it thinks.
  • Increases motivation. Running a business can sometimes get challenging, especially with everything that’s been going on around the world. It’s important to always set aside a time for yourself and for us at Celebree, our team has found a great way to take a break in the best way possible: working out together. Our support center has purchased a Peloton bike and it’s been remarkable to see the transformation in our team’s energy, confidence, commitment, and fitness.
  • Boosts morale. I’m proud of the close-knit environment that we’ve cultivated at Celebree and one of the things that we’re thankful for is how exercise became an amazing way to empower our team to be better, collectively and individually. Moreover, our Director of Events & Community Engagement Ali Kraus has this to share:  “Celebree is a family in the office and outside of it. Empowering each other to stay fit and stay healthy is such an amazing feeling. I know if any of our franchisees had pelotons, we would love to know! We even have a group called #CelebreeSchoolCrew where we shout each other out, join rides together, and congratulate each other for hitting milestones.

Celebree’s Peloton #CelebreeSchoolCrew has turned into a culture thing around the office that brings our team stronger and closer together, encouraging and supporting each other to hit their goals, celebrating each other’s milestones, and inspiring each other. 

I’d love to know about your exercise routine! Any Peloton tips for the Celebree team? Maybe become part of our #CelebreeSchoolCrew? Share your thoughts!


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